Game Offering Cash For DS Lite Upgrades

Saves the effort of eBaying, at least.

If trying to flog your DS Lite in order to fund an upgrade to a DSi once the revised – yet again – console is released sounds like too much effort then Game may have the solution. The solution? Pre-order a DSi online and Game will take your previous generation model off your hands.

Game is offering either £75 of in-store credit or £50 of cash money for DS Lite consoles traded in towards a DSi. Take credit and, if you were going to spend the money at game anyway, that’s in effect a half price console. It’s slightly annoying that Game isn’t just offering a straight 50 per cent off a DSi with a DS Lite trade-in, but something is always better than nothing.

Looking at eBay, a second hand DS Lite seems to be worth around £60-odd now, but that’s inevitably likely to drop if enough owners are interested in an upgrade and a slew of second hand consoles hit the market. All considered, then, Game is being, if not generous, at least fair with its offer.

And, if we’re lucky, rival retailers might decide to better Game’s proposition before the DSi is released on the 3rd of April.


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