The Galaxy X’s biggest secret has been leaked and it will surprise you

There are all kinds of rumours surrounding the name of Samsung’s foldable phone, with the smart money mostly on it being called the Galaxy X or Galaxy F. However, a new leak hints at something more surprising entirely.

Tech blog LetsGoDigital has shared an alleged trademark application, which it says was filed by London-based law firm Fieldfisher with the UK’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) for a new Samsung brand name: Samsung Rize.

The so-called application refers specifically to a ‘Class 9’ device, and as that designation only covers smartphones and mobiles phones, it looks like the new Samsung Rize moniker really is destined for one of the South Korean firm’s next handsets.

Note that as the file is hosted by LetsGoDigital, we can’t independently verify if it has actually been filed by Fieldfisher with the IPO, though we’ve reached out to the law firm in the hope of clarification.

There a few possibilities here. Samsung could follow Apple in opting-out of entering double-digit territory when it launches the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 next year, but rather than ape its bitter rival in switching to Roman ‘X’ product names, it could transition to all-new series entirely.

Alternatively, Rize could be the name of the Samsung foldable phone we’ve heard so much about, for so long. A prototype of this handset, which we’ve historically called the Galaxy X, was finally revealed at SDC 2018, sporting a 4.5-inch smartphone display when close and folding out to a tablet-style 7.3-inch OLED screen.

Since then, there have been myriad rumours as to what the finished product will actually be called, with the Samsung Galaxy F gaining traction alongside the newer Galaxy Flex name.

Whatever the case, we’re expecting to learn more in 2019, when Samsung is widely tipped to be launching its foldable phone.

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Competing Android manufacturers LG, Huawei and others are understood to have similar plans, though you have to think Samsung is at a more advanced stage in the development of its foldable phone, as we’ve been hearing about the Galaxy X (or whatever it ends up being called) for years now.

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