Galaxy Tab 10.1 Ban Lifted Across Most Of EU

We all know that

technology changes rapidly these days, but the speed at which the on-going

patent battle between Apple and Samsung is moving is quite astounding.

Only a week ago

Apple secured a ruling in a German patent court banning the import of Samsung’s

Galaxy Tab 10.1, with Apple claiming the South Korean manufacturer “slavishly”

copied its design for the iPad.

Yesterday we saw

a report emerge which suggested that Apple had submitted tampered images to the

court in order to make the Tab look more like the iPad.

Now, the same

court has all but lifted the ban, but says that lifting the injunction had

nothing to do with the reports about misleading images being submitted.

ipad versus galaxy tab 10.1

The regional court in

Dusseldorf, which blocked the sale of the Android tablet in all EU countries

except the Netherlands last week, yesterday said it was questionable whether

its authority extended to international companies operating outside Germany, and

so lifted the ban everywhere except Germany.

A hearing date

regarding the injunction is set for next week and Samsung said:

look forward to the opportunity to reassert our intellectual property rights at

the hearing scheduled on August 25.”

With the appeal

set to go ahead next week, it is likely that this patent battle will escalate

before it is resolved and the ruling could set a precedent for the numerous

other legal battles taking place at the moment.

Source: Reuters