Galaxy S9 repairs aren’t going to come cheap

Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone could cost a fortune to repair as the excessive use of strong adhesive and small components make it nothing short of a nightmare to dismantle and reassemble, according to iFixit.

The Galaxy S9 can be stripped to its bare bones in twelve painstaking steps, with access to all major components hidden behind the all-glass backplate – which has been known to shatter during the removal process on more than one occasion.

Image: iFixit

Something as simple as replacing a shattered screen also requires the rear panel to be removed, likely sending the cost of repairs through the roof as engineers look to introduce a safety net to cover any accidental breakages that may occur.

Image: iFixit

For that reason, the good folks over at iFixit awarded the Galaxy S9 – and the larger Galaxy S9 Plus – a disappointing repairability score of four out of ten, with ten being the easiest to repair and one, well, the most difficult.

Image: iFixit

The Galaxy Note 8 and former flagship Galaxy S8, for comparison, also scored four, while Android mastermind Andy Rubin’s first-generation Essential Phone (Essential PH-1) received the lowest rating possible: a disturbing one out of ten.   

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With all that in mind, we’d recommend slapping a durable case on your Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus. But with so many already on the market, how do you know which one to choose? Well, not to worry – we have that covered.

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