Galaxy S9 Plus costs less to build than the flagship iPhone X

The all-new Galaxy S9 Plus costs less to manufacture than Apple’s flagship iPhone X, according to research firm Tech Insights.

Let’s not be foolish, though. Tech Insights publishes an analysis whenever a new flagship ventures onto the market – and we highlight the same thing every time: it’s impossible to predict how much a manufacturer pays for its components.

With that in mind, Tech Insights claims that it costs Samsung $379 (£269) to manufacture a single Galaxy S9 Plus, while competitor Apple forks out $389.50 (£276) for every iPhone X that leaves the production line in Zhengzhou, China.

Image: Tech Insights

There isn’t a big difference in the manufacturing costs – around $10.50 (£7). But there is in the profit margin each manufacturer is working with: the Galaxy S9 Plus retails for $839.99 (£739), whereas the iPhone X has a list price of $999 (£999).

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The iPhone 8 Plus is the cheapest high-end smartphone to build on Tech Insight’s dubious list, costing $324.50 (£230) per unit. That’s closely followed by the now-one-year-old Galaxy S8 Plus, setting Samsung back $343 (£243) per piece.

It would appear the main reason the iPhone X costs more to manufacture than the Galaxy S9 Plus is because Apple has to fork out more for the screen, which it orders from Samsung Display, while Samsung Mobile can secure it for a reduced rate.

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In reality, however, Samsung could be paying a lot more to build the Galaxy S9 Plus than Apple forks out for the iPhone X. We’ll never know – that is, of course, unless both manufacturers agree to make their ledgers accessible to the public.

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