Samsung Galaxy S9 range gets a little better – new versions coming soon

Samsung has announced its Galaxy S9 smartphone range will now be available in 128GB and 256GB storage configurations in the United States.

The devices will be available to pre-order on Tuesday May 1 and will free US buyers from the maximum 64GB configurations available.

Now both the S9 and S9+ models will be available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB, exclusively from, with the release confirmed for May 18.

The cost of the the upgrade is $50 per storage leap, which is unlikely to appeal to most savvy buyers who know they can boost the storage well beyond 256GB with a microSD card.

Both the S9 and the S9+ can be boosted by 400GB microSD cards.

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In the UK, the Galaxy S9+ can be purchased with 128GB of storage, while the standard Galaxy S9 only comes with 64GB of storage.

Whether Samsung plans to roll out the higher storage models in the UK remains to be seen, but we would hope they appear sooner rather than later.

The S9 range has been on sale since March 11 in the UK and the US. However, the launch of higher storage models, more than six weeks later, might perturb some early adopters.

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Deals

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This is a ridiculously good deal with a super-low TCO. The TCO is less than the SIM-free price of an S9, making this contract deal insane value. Right now, exclusive deal also gets you a £25 gift card for either Amazon, Currys PC World or M&S to make it unmissable.

Samsung Galaxy S9 – 20GB, £30pm, £15 upfront (use code TRUSTED10)

An absolutely staggering deal on the Galaxy S9 with 5x more data than usual and a low upfront and monthly cost. The total cost of ownership amounts to just £735, which is less than buying the phone SIM free. Insane.

It begs the question why Samsung couldn’t have released these phones alongside the lower-storage models in the first place.

If anything, it punishes those who rush to get their hands on the new flagships at the earliest opportunity.

Many might wonder why the 256GB didn’t go on sale as a more exclusive option for those who sought out the device upon the immediate release.

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