Samsung Galaxy S10 owners report cross-network signal strength issues

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus owners in the United States are reporting issues with weak signals on a number of different mobile carriers.

Customers using the new phones on the Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile networks are all reporting issues with maintaining a strong signal on mobile data and Wi-Fi. The thread has 258 replies at the time of writing, with some users complaining they’re unable to send multimedia messages and make calls over Wi-Fi.

“I’ve had nothing but problems with my service since getting the 10+ and it doesn’t seem like anyone knows what to do to help,” reported one user on the forum.

Although this isn’t something our UK devices have experienced, the US-based Android Police site says the issues mentioned in the support ports play out within its own testing. The site says the Galaxy S10+ has “greatly reduced signal strength” when compared to the Galaxy S9, Pixel 3, and OnePlus 6T.

In shades of the Apple ‘Antennagate’ issue of bygone years, the site says the method of gripping the device while it isn’t in a case has a negative effect on the signal strength.

In some cases, the problem may pertain to the particular bands S10 owners are using to connect. On the Sprint network, for example, disabling Band 41 and Band 25 will act as a stopgap solution.

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As with many new smartphones, Samsung appears to be experiencing a few teething issues with the Galaxy S10 range. The company is already moving to improve the Wireless PowerShare feature, while it has claimed said the fingerprint sensor will get better with time

“There can be many occasions where users find the fingerprint scanner doesn’t work well, for example, when you are in a dry environment, or when your finger skin is really dry, or when you have a scratch on your fingerprint,” Samsung told the Korea Herald.

“The accuracy has been improved through the first update of software recently just in one week since the launch, and we will continue providing updates to make the scanner work better.”

Have you experiences issues with the Galaxy S10’s signal strength? Let us know @TrustedReviews on Twitter.