Samsung Galaxy S10: Release date, price, specs and all the latest leaks

Samsung Galaxy S10: Release date, specs, price, leaks and all the latest news

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of the most hotly anticipated phone releases of the year, and it’s almost here. Samsung will hold its Galaxy S10 Unpacked launch event in less than a week, and here’s everything we think we know about the phone right now, including the Galaxy S10’s release date, rumoured specs, and price – plus all the latest Galaxy S10 leaks, news, and images.

Following the launch of the Galaxy Note 9 in autumn 2018, Samsung’s next flagship smartphone launch is set to be the Galaxy S10 – and it’s expected to launch alongside the Galaxy X foldable smartphone.

With the Galaxy S10’s release date fast approaching, the S10 leaks, news and rumours are reaching fever pitch, and we’ve got our hands on plenty of concrete-looking details. Let’s take a look at the absolute latest.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 − Release date and price

Samsung has revealed that Galaxy S10 will launch on February 20, and has posted a cryptic teaser video that appears to show a pair of phones with non-existent bezels.

The company is expected to launch at least three Galaxy S10 smartphones on the day. An entry-level 5.8-inch phone that could be called the S10 E, a standard 6.1-inch Galaxy S10 and a premium 6.4-inch Galaxy S10 Plus.

Samsung is also said to be plotting a 5G version of the S10 Plus. According to Korean publication The Investor, the S10 went into mass production on January 25, but manufacturing lines are currently only working on the 4G version of the handset.

Citing a source from one of Samsung’s supplier firms, the report says, “The 5G Galaxy S10 is still in the pipeline and will start being produced later during the first half [of 2019]”.

It’s always seemed unlikely that the 5G model would launch immediately, with commercial 5G networks yet to go live. Samsung’s home turf of South Korea will likely get this model, as the country’s three largest mobile carriers have all said they’ll launch 5G networks in March 2019.

The launch event will take place in San Francisco alongside a syndicated launch in London. The firm is promising to live stream all of the action on its website during the day.

The timing and location of the event is interesting, as it’s taking place just days before the MWC (Mobile World Congress) tradeshow kicks-off in Barcelona on Sunday, February 24 – some 10,000km away.

In terms of pricing, expect the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus to be at the loftier end of the market. The Galaxy S9 officially starts at £739, while the S9 Plus can’t be yours for less than £839, so don’t rule out a base RRP of up to £799 for the S10 and £899 for the S10 Plus.

In December, Gizmodo published a report based on inside information from a “leading tech retailer”, claiming that the cheapest Galaxy S10 model – presumable the Galaxy S10 E – will be a 5.8-inch device with a flat screen, 128GB of storage, and a £669 SIM-free UK price.

At the core of the range will be the 6.1-inch Galaxy S10, which will apparently come in two storage models in the UK – 128GB and 512GB – for £799 and £999, respectively.

Leading the pack, in terms of both price and screen size, will be the 6.4-inch Galaxy S10 Plus. It’s apparently set to be offered with three storage capacities: 128GB for £899, 512GB for £1099, and 1TB for £1399.

It won’t be long now until we know if the report is accurate or not, but the other nugget of information floated by the site – a February 20 Galaxy S10 launch date – has already come good, so we reckon this information is as solid as you’re likely to find in the leak-o-sphere.

According to a late January report from GSMArena, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be released globally on March 8.

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Samsung galaxy S10 Plus render

Image Credit: 91Mobiles

Galaxy S10 − Design and display

The fact that so many of the leaks that have emerged over the past few months have shown what appears to be the same device, means we’re pretty sure we have a good idea of what the Samsung Galaxy S10 will look like.

The Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) back in November served up a couple of very juicy Galaxy S10 tidbits. Most important of all was Samsung’s unveiling of its new Infinity display lineup, which – as well as the all-new bendy Infinity Flex expected to feature on the Galaxy F foldable phone – comprises four screens: the Infinity-U, Infinity-V, Infinity-O, and New Infinity displays.

It’s here that Samsung first teased the prospect of a true all-screen Galaxy S10 with the front camera sensors embedded under the display – killing the controversial notch.

91Mobiles published the alleged press render above just weeks ahead of Samsung Unpacked, but arguably our best look at the Galaxy S10 so far came from AllAboutSamsung, which published a selection of pictures of what it says are prototype models of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in January.

samsung galaxy s10 plus leak

Image Credit: AllAboutSamsung

The standard S10 will feature a hole-punch cutout for a single front-facing camera sensor in the top-right corner of the screen, which will be curved at the sides. There will also be a small forehead and a small chin above and below the display.

The S10 E, meanwhile, will have a completely flat screen surrounded on all sides by a thin bezel. Again, there will be a hole-punch cutout for a single front-facing camera sensor in the top-right corner of the screen.

The S10 Plus will look identical to the S10, but with a larger screen and a hole-punch cutout for a pair of front-facing camera sensors in the top-right corner of the display.

samsung galaxy s10 plus leak

Image Credit: AllAboutSamsung

The images also show off both phones’ heavily rumoured triple rear camera setups, with the sensors arranged side by side (by side). The images also suggest that both phones will have a headphone jack (hurrah!) on the bottom edge, which will sit next to a USB-C port and the speaker grill.

As is always the case with leaks, we can’t take anything we’ve heard so far as gospel.

According to prolific tipster @UniverseIce, the S10 Plus will feature a 4100mAh battery, up from 3500mAh on the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. There’s also been talk of improved battery optimisation and cooling.

Just before Christmas, a Galaxy S10 Plus was allegedly spotted in the wild on a South Korean subway.

And in early January, Samsung appeared to show off the device on its own website. In an article explaining how the One UI and Android Pie update will transform the way Samsung fans use their phones, the company used an image of an unreleased phone with non-existent bezels and hole-punch cutout for the selfie camera.

The image mirrored exactly what we’ve come to expect from the Galaxy S10 when it’s finally revealed next month. Samsung quickly removed the shot, as spotted by SamMobile, and replaced it with a device with no cut-out and thicker bezels. Check out the original, and its replacement below:

Galaxy S10 samsung website

Image credit: SamMobile

Prolific tech tipster Evan Blass tweeted a picture that would appear to provide a better look at the rear of the S10E, S10 and S10 Plus. Unfortunately, each of the handsets is wrapped up in a clear plastic phone case, so while Blass’ shot provides us with a decent look at the line-up, the view is ever so slightly restricted.

It looks like the S10E will feature a dual rear camera setup, which the S10 and S10 Plus will each feature triple rear sensors. The S10 Plus will also feature a double-hole punch cutout at the top right of its display, while the other two handsets will have a single-hole punch cutout in roughly the same place.

Rumours about an in-display fingerprint sensor have been swirling around for some time now, and Samsung is believed to have struggled to get it right. However, the firm might finally have cracked the formula and be preparing to equip its top S10 models with ultrasonic scanners, while trickling down a cheaper optical scanner to a more affordable model.

According to UK phone retailer Mobile Fun, Samsung is planning to bundle all Galaxy S10 units with a screen protector, which sounds like a great idea for wobbly-handed types like ourselves.

s10 colours leak green

Image Credit: WinFuture

Galaxy S10 − Colours

Tipster Roland Quandt, who has a strong track record, revealed the alleged S10 colour range on WinFuture in early February, as well as several legitimate-looking renders showing what they’ll look like.

According to Quandt, the S10, S10 Plus and S10 E will initially be available in black, green and white colour schemes. The images above and below show how each of these could look:

s10 colours leak black

Image Credit: WinFuture

s10 colours leak white

Image Credit: WinFuture

A blue version of the S10 could also be on the cards, but this will apparently come out at a later date. The blue version of the Galaxy Note 9 is my personal favourite, so I’ve got high hopes.

And the top-spec Galaxy S10 Plus – the one that’s been rumoured to feature a whopping 12GB of RAM, 1TB of internal storage and 5G support – will reportedly be available in Ceramic Black and Ceramic White colour schemes.

Galaxy S10 − Specs and features

There have been suggestions that the highest-end Galaxy S10 model might offer a hitherto unheard of 12GB of RAM – and the equally Herculean option of 1TB of on-board storage.

In late January, Samsung announced that it has already begun production of ‘the industry’s first 1TB embedded Universal Flash Storage, which pretty much means that Samsung already has the ability to fit and ship phones with a whopping 1TB of internal storage. That’s far more than we’ve ever seen on a consumer phone before.

Releasing this information just a few weeks before we see the Samsung Galaxy S10 certainly seems to point to at least one version of the device packing 1TB of internal storage.

If it did, that would give the S10 a killer feature the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max simply can’t match. Apple’s flagship currently tops out at 512GB. It would also be interesting to see if Samsung continues to include expandable storage options on phones with so much internal storage.

And in November, Samsung revealed its next-gen Exynos 9820 chip. It’s the SoC that’s set to drive the Galaxy S10 in a number of key markets, including the UK, and provides a treasure trove of information about Samsung’s next flagship.

The Exynos 9820 uses a more power efficient 8nm fabrication than its predecessor, which was based on a 10nm node, so we can reliably expect the Galaxy S10 to be Samsung’s most power-efficient phone yet and offer improved battery life, even if it may fall short of more cutting-edge 7nm chips like the Apple A12 Bionic.

The Galaxy S10 will also likely offer 8K video recording at 30fps and improved 4K recording at 150fps, based on the Exynos 9820’s specs, as well as hinting at a tripe camera system similar the Huawei P20 Pro as its ISP supports up to five sensors.

Exynos 9820

The addition of new Mali-G76 GPU cores should make the Galaxy S10 the smoothest Samsung phone around when it comes to handling visually-intensive games and apps, while the inclusion of a dedicated NPU (neural processing unit) to handle AI-related tasks separate from the device’s core processing functionality suggests a host of new Samsung AI features.

On the more disappointing side of things, the Exynos 9820 ‘only’ features an LTE-A Cat. 20 modem, which is something of a surprise given that we were expecting the Galaxy S10 to be the first Samsung 5G phone when it lands next year. However, there could still be a 5G Galaxy S10 variant sporting Qualcomm’s next-gen Snapdragon 855 SoC – but historically, these models ship to the US rather than the UK.

A deeper dive into the Exynos 9820’s capabilities, including eventual benchmarks, will give us an even clearer look at how powerful the Galaxy S10 will be, but for now, this announcement represents some of the firmest details to date regarding Samsung’s 2019 flagship.

A series of alleged Galaxy S10 benchmarks have hit the web in recent weeks… and it’s safe to say it’s a mixed bag. A device with the model number SM-G973N − believed to be the Exynos 9820-powered S10 with 6GB of RAM − appeared on the Geekbench website in Januray, with a single-core score of 4382 and a multi-core score of 9570 (via PhoneArena).

That would put it a little way behind the blisteringly powerful iPhone XS (4797, 11,265) in terms of performance, but the numbers are still pretty promising.

However, another leak from earlier on only gives the Exynos-powered S10 Plus (with 6GB of RAM) a single-core score of 3248 and a multi-core score of 7999 (via PhoneArena). That’s far lower than we would expect − and clearly massively at odds with the more recent leak.

The good news is that this is all hearsay at the moment, and at least one of these scores is way off the mark.

Weirdly, it looks like Samsung is about to jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon… a couple of years late. A photo posted by tech tipster @VenyaGeskin on Twitter in January shows what appears to be the welcome and setup screens for the brand new Samsung BlockChain KeyStore.

The description listed on the welcome screen calls it a “secure and convenient place for your cryptocurrency.” There’s also a link to supported cryptocurrencies, but beyond the noted ‘B’ for Bitcoin in the imagery and the mention of Ethereum, no other currencies are mentioned.

A built-in Blockchain app within Samsung’s flagship phones will likely to more to bring cryptocurrencies to more mainstream consumers. Interestingly, back in December, the company dismissed reports of the Blockchain KeyStore app in the S10 range as “rumour and speculation.”

We’ve also gotten wind that the Galaxy S10 could be the first handset to ship with the new Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 3.0 standard – that’s twice as fast as UFS 2.0.

During a presentation at Qualcomm’s 4G/5G Summit in Hong Kong back in October, Samsung head of mobile product planning, Jay Oh, confirmed that the company’s first wave of UFS 3.0 product will be launched in H1 2019 – which means it’s perfectly primed to feature on the S10, which we expect to see launched at or around the time of MWC 2019 in Barcelona.

USB 3.0 will be compatible with 128GB, 256GB and 512GB phones, as well as being 5G-ready, so it should slot nicely into Samsung’s flagship lineup as a new feature.

It also looks like Samsung is looking to tempt consumers into pre-ordering the Galaxy S10 by chucking in a pair of Galaxy Buds for free. Dutch publication Galaxy Club spotted the following line in the source code of Samsung Russia’s official S10 promotional page: “Оформи предзаказ нового флагмана прямо сейчас и получи беспроводные наушники Galaxy Buds подарок.”

Google Translate converts that to: “Issue the pre-order of the new flagship right now and get the Galaxy Buds wireless headphones a gift.”  Clumsy, but you get the gist.

The source code says the promotion will run from February 20 to March 7, which suggests that the S10’s rumoured March 8 release date is bang on the money.

On a related note, we’ve heard murmurs that Samsung is going to steal one of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro‘s coolest features – reverse wireless charging – which you’ll be able to use to power up a pair of Galaxy Buds by placing them on the back of the phone. Word on the street is that it will be called PowerShare, and will come to the full range of Galaxy S10 phones.

Indeed, leaks of the official cases for the S10 Plus, S10 and S10 E from UK retailer Mobile Fun show off a note advising Galaxy S10 users to remove the case before using the Wireless PowerShare feature.

Wireless PowerShare S10

Having to remove the barrier between the phone and the Buds in order to use the feature isn’t going to please many users. Whether Samsung recommends it for safety, or efficiency purposes is currently unclear.

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Galaxy S10 − Camera

According to a report from SamMobile, the S10 will be kitted out with a triple-camera system that will retain the S9’s 12-megapixel f1.5/2.4 lens as its primary sensor. Alongside this, there will apparently be a “super wide-angle” 16-megapixel snapper (f/1.9 aperture with a 123-degree field of view), plus a 13-megapixel f/2.4 lens to complete the picture.

That’s the good news for Galaxy series fans who love their premium camera specs.

The bad news? This tri-camera configuration might only be available on the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus, while the plain ‘ol Galaxy S10 E could be pitched as an ‘affordable’ alternative with a dual-camera setup.

There’s also a chance the Plus-sized model will come with a dual-camera on the front, with the intention of delivering greater depth of field (or bokeh) effects for selfies. The additional sensor could also be used to improve the handset’s face-recognition feature.

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That’s all we know for now, but stay tuned, as we’ll be updating our guide to the Galaxy S10 regularly with all the latest news, rumours, and spec leaks.

What features are you hoping to see on the Galaxy S10? Let us know over on Facebook or Twitter @TrustedReviews.