Will it or won’t it? Samsung Galaxy S10 again rumoured to launch with 5G

Samsung Galaxy S10: Release date, specs, price and latest rumours

The Samsung Galaxy 9 is one of the best smartphones of 2018, but tech being the beast it is, we’re already looking ahead to next year’s Galaxy S10. Here’s everything we know so far, including the Galaxy S10’s rumoured specs, release date and price, plus all the latest Galaxy S10 news, leaks and images.

Following the launch of the Galaxy Note 9 this autumn, Samsung’s next flagship smartphone launch will be the Galaxy S10 in 2019. And while it might seem to be light years away, the S10 rumours are already flooding in.

The latest speculation comes to us via The Bell on September 6. It claims that while the S10 will support 5G, the next-gen connectivity won’t be a feature of every model (H/T). Instead, it seems like a 5G Galaxy S10 variant will be made available in select markets.

Samsung’s home turf of South Korea is the obvious choice here, as the country’s three largest mobile carriers have all said they’ll launch 5G networks in March 2019 – right around the time we’re expecting the Galaxy S10 to launch.

Mobile tipster ‘Ice universe’ has also thrown their weight behind the rumour.

Prior to this, the same site reported that the S10 won’t feature an iris-scanner. Instead, it’s said to feature a face-recognising 3D-sensing camera (a la Face ID on the iPhone X) and an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Rumours about that in-display fingerprint sensor have been swirling around for some time now, and Samsung is believed to have struggled to get it right. However, the firm might finally have cracked the formula and be preparing to equip its top S10 models with ultrasonic scanners, while trickling down a cheaper optical scanner to a more affordable model.

The report also backs up earlier rumours that the S10 will have a 5.8-inch screen, with the larger S10 Plus measuring 6.3-inches. We’ve also heard murmurs out of South Korea that one S10 model might come with a dual front ‘selfie cam’,

Galaxy S10 Rumours: S10 spied in photo leak?

We may now have our first look at the Galaxy S10 – or at least an alleged prototype − too.

Mobile leaker ‘Ice universe’ tweeted the image you see above on June 20, and while it doesn’t explicitly reference the Galaxy S10, ‘beyond’ is believed to refer to the codename Samsung is developing the phone under.

You can also potentially see a physical Bixby button on the side of the phone, which aligns with previous rumours about the S10. Here’s the tipster’s social media share in full:

Prior to this, we had some not so great news out of South Korea.

Those of you thinking that the Note 9 might be Samsung’s first flagship to feature an in-demand fingerprint scanner might want to look away now, because a new report from South Korea’s Chosun Economy has it all going down differently, claiming that we’ll see this particular killer feature for the first time when the S10 and S10 Plus come out − and no earlier.

Better tidings came to us from South Korean publication The Bell, however, which says that Samsung is instructing its partners to have components ready to hit the production line in November. Building on this, it says that the Galaxy S10 will be launched in early-2019 – as apparently will the near-mythical foldable Galaxy X phone.

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However, the release dates will apparently differ for the two devices, with the Galaxy X pegged to headline CES 2019 in January and the S10 – allegedly codenamed ‘Beyond’ – launching at Mobile World Congress 2019 in February.

If you think that sounds a bit odd, you wouldn’t be wrong. Samsung has a strong presence at CES, but in recent history has used the event to showcase its latest TVs and home appliances – a major phone reveal hasn’t happened at the show for years.

MWC makes a lot more sense as it’s a dedicated mobile event, but the thinking is that Samsung might not want to launch the two phones simultaneously. We’re ultimately not much wiser thanks to the report, but as before, Q1 2019 is a good bet for the Galaxy S10 to launch.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 News: Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus sizes outed?

Prior to this, the same outlet proffered that the Galaxy S10 rather than the Note 9 will be Samsung’s first phone to feature an in-display fingerprint scanner – something its May report reiterates. It also says that the device will feature a 3D camera module produced in partnership with Qualcomm, meaning it could offer the same kind of facial recognition technology as the iPhone X.

According to The Bell, the Galaxy S10 will measure in at 5.8 inches, while big sibling the Galaxy S10 Plus will get a 6.3-inch display, so the duo will be roughly the same size as the S9 and S9 Plus.

This also means that the S10 likely won’t be the foldable Galaxy X smartphone that has fascinated gossip mongers over the last couple of years. Instead, we reckon there’s a good chance Samsung launches the Galaxy X as special 10th anniversary handset alongside the S10 and S10 Plus – just like Apple did last year with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

Read on for more Galaxy S10 details.

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Galaxy S10 Specs: All the latest Galaxy S10 rumours

This all roughly chimes with what we’ve heard about the Galaxy S10 so far.

Prior to the recent report out of South Korea, the bulk of S10 speculation has arrived courtesy of Weibo and Twitter tipster Ice Universe, with the crystal ball gazer offering up the following by way of early insight.

This suggests that the Galaxy S10 will be headlined by an all-new Infinity Display that touts an impressive screen-to-body ratio of 93% – up from the 83.6% found on the Galaxy S8 and S9.

It also hints – and this can almost be considered a given, in light of Samsung’s launch history – that the S10 will pack a new-gen Samsung Exynos chipset in the EMEA region, whilst coming with a Snapdragon 855 SoC in North America.

Elsewhere, the S10 is tipped to offer support out of the box for UFS 3.0 – a standard of Univeral Flash Storage (UFS) that’s twice as fast as UFS 2.0 – and 5G mobile connectivity.

There’s also a chance the Plus-sized model will come with a dual-camera on the front, with the intention of delivering greater depth of field (or bokeh) effects for selfies. The additional sensor could also be used to improve the handset’s face-recognition feature.

Now, let’s talk about when the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus are likely to be released.

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Samsung Galaxy S10: Release date and price

The Galaxy S10 won’t arrive until 2019 – this much we can pretty much confirm today.

Reliable tipster Ice Universe believes that Samsung will announce the elusive foldable Galaxy X at CES in January, leaving MWC – where Samsung usually announces the latest Galaxy S series smartphones – free for the Galaxy S10 in February.

In terms of pricing, expect the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus to be at the loftier end of the market. The Galaxy S9 officially starts at £739, while the S9 Plus can’t be yours for less than £839, so don’t rule out a base RRP of up to £799 for the S10 and £899 for the S10 Plus.

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That’s all we know for now, but stay tuned, as we’ll be updating our guide to the Galaxy S10 regularly with all the latest news, rumours, and spec leaks.

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