Samsung Galaxy S10+ could help you take the perfect selfies

We’re still around six months away from a launch, but Samsung Galaxy S10 rumours are already in overdrive. Late last week it emerged there could be three models in total arriving in early 2018, with the top-end Galaxy S10+ packing three rear-facing cameras.

Now, a new report out of Korea suggests that trio will be joined by a dual selfie camera on the top-end model, bringing the total number of snappers to five. The report comes from The Bell (via SamMobile), which has been accurate on these matters in the past and also published the information pertaining to the new entry-level S10 – joining the S10 and S10+ – last week.

An additional front-facing camera would enable greater depth of field (or bokeh) effects for selfie fans. However, it won’t be the first time Samsung has adopted such an array. The Galaxy A8 has a 16-megapixel sensor combined with an 8-megapixel sensor.

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In his review of the A8 range, Max Parker said the set-up was “adept at making your selfies look bright and reasonably detailed in dim lighting. The dual-sensor array also allows a mode called Live Focus, which lets you blur out the background in images.”

He added: “Samsung isn’t as obsessed with this “bokeh” feature as Huawei or Apple, but it does work quite well. Adding blur makes portraits look more dramatic. I’d rather have background blur in the rear camera, but seem to be in the minority as someone who avoids personal selfies.”

It’s unclear whether Samsung will use the same set-up here, but it’s likely to be improved somewhat for the flagship S10+ should the rumour come to pass. We’d advise upon taking this speculation into account, but not betting the house on it just yet.

The report comes as smartphone manufacturers continue to add more cameras to their phones. The Huawei P20 Pro broke the mould with three rear-facing cameras, while the LG V40 is also rumoured to have five in total. The camera manufacturer Light is believed to be working on a model with up to nine rear-facing cameras.

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