This Galaxy S10 leak is guaranteed to ruin your weekend

There have been Galaxy S10 leaks aplenty this week, and rounding things off today are a pair of spillages that could reveal the Galaxy S10’s camera specs and tell us more about the 5G Galaxy S10 variant.

First up is the Galaxy S10’s camera, which now looks certain to feature an ultra-wide lens as part of its primary (rear) configuration. That’s because the eagle-eyed folks at SamMobile spotted a nifty new feature in the Android Pie beta for the Galaxy S9 called ‘Ultra wide lens correction’.

As the Galaxy S9 doesn’t have an ultra-wide lens as part of its setup, the presence of this feature in Samsung’s custom version of Android Pie is a giveaway that its next flagship will add this camera capability – as is the fact that the recently released Galaxy A9 (2018) featured one.

Photos shot with ultra-wide lenses often suffer from distorted edges, which is what this Android Pie tweak is designed to correct.

Further to this, we now also think we have a model number for the 5G Galaxy S10 model set to launch next year.

Dutch fan blog GalaxyClub suggests that fourth Galaxy S10 variant – the Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+ being the other three – will carry the model numbers SM-G977 – SM-G977N and SM-G977U.

So the good news is that a 5G Galaxy S10 definitely looks set to launch – something Samsung itself pretty much confirmed when it cozied up with US carriers AT&T and Verizon.

Now, for the absolutely terrible news, for our UK and most of our international readers at least.

These model numbers apparently refer to the South Korean and US markets, so if accurate, this suggests a 5G Galaxy S10 will only be released in those two countries, with the UK and a great many others being left out in the cold.

On the one hand, that makes sense, as not all markets will be ready for 5G when the S10 launches, making such a feature redundant. However, we know that 5G will be switched on in Great Britain next year by most if not all of the major UK networks, so such a snub would be infuriating – if only temporary, as the Galaxy Note 10 could still bring it some six months later.

Wherever it’s launched, the 5G Galaxy S10 won’t be released alongside the main S10 trio in February/March, though. You’ll have to wait until later in 2019, likely Q2 at the earliest, to get your paws on the speediest Samsung flagship, as mobile networks won’t have completed commercial 5G rollout by Q1.

Would you ever look at Samsung the same way again if it didn’t bring the 5G Galaxy S10 to the UK? Let us know @TrustedReviews.