New Samsung video provides a closer look at the Galaxy Fold’s infamous gap

Samsung has released a slightly strange new video that gives us our best look yet at the Galaxy Fold − and its already infamous gap.

Why’s it strange? For some reason the video is almost entirely silent. There’s none of the thumping music that usually accompanies the unveiling of a new phone. There isn’t a voiceover either.

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It’s just clip after clip of the Galaxy Fold − and a man using the Galaxy Fold. Even his voice call with a person called Caren is muted.

It’s nice to see the Galaxy Fold, and some of its key features, in action. The camera, Wireless PowerShare technology, DeX capabilities and App Continuity are all shown off in the video.

But the best thing about the video is that it gives us a far better look at the design of the Galaxy Fold, and shows us how easy it is to snap it between phone and tablet modes.

One thing I didn’t really notice at its launch last week was just how glossy it is. The garish Martian Green colour scheme doesn’t come across well, but Astro Blue theme looks lovely.

However, the video also confirms what we all feared in the immediate aftermath of Unpacked 2019: the Galaxy Fold doesn’t fold flat. There’s a big gap that runs along the inside of the hinge when it’s folded. It also lets us have another good laugh at the Galaxy Fold’s tiny 4.6-inch external display.

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Huawei has now also launched a folding phone, but its version folds flat and looks far slicker. We’re yet to get our hands on the Huawei Mate X, but we’ve liked what we’ve seen so far.

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