FX-60 Comes To Evesham Notebook

The company has a soft spot for Intel Centrino Core Duo too...

Every company, their associates, neighbours and pets seem to be releasing dual core laptops right now and UK firms aren’t about to be left out.


The Quest A620 from Evesham is a particularly fine example as it slots in the very latest in processor technology with an AMD Athlon FX-60 dual core CPU. We reviewed this beast here and, should you have the means, Leo firmly recommends you check one out.

Only a GeForce 7800 GTX graphics card would provide suitable company for the FX-60 and Evesham has obliged, whilst following it up with a huge 200GB, 7,200RPM hard drive. A 17in WSXGA widescreen display should give owners something else to smile about and they can capture this with the integrated 1.3 megapixel camera and send off photos to their envious mates. It may measure 397 x 298 x 49.5mm and weigh 5.8Kg, but do you really care?!

Likewise, I don’t need to list the connectivity options because you know they’re all there and prices start from just £1,699 including VAT but escalate quickly. A three year Gold parts and labour warranty should help potential owners sleep at night. They’re smoking hot so wear gloves if you intend to pick up an A620 when it goes on sale at the end of the month.


Making a less bombastic, but no less welcome entrance is the Voyager C550. This sits on the other side of the processor divide featuring an Intel Pentium M T2400 Core Duo processor. The amount of DDR2 667MHz memory is user definable as is the choice of zippy 7,200RPM hard drives. An ATI Radeon X1600 graphics card with a chunky 256MB of RAM adds some spice to the mix and we’d expect nothing less than the 15.4in widescreen display that Evesham has attached.

Thankfully, the weight is a relatively slimline 2.9Kg and, again, all the usual connectivity suspects line up: WiFi (abg), Ethernet, FireWire 4x USB2.0, memory card reader, TV Out, DVI, etc, etc. Prices for the C550 begin at just £1,099 including VAT and you get the same comprehensive after sales support.

If you’re feeling patriotic you could do a lot worse than pin your colours to one of these two…