Fully Working European iPhone, Only $96

Well, that and the cost of the phone itself...

Still wondering which carrier is going to be, uh, carrying the iPhone in Europe? The answer is, all of them. As we always knew, it was only going to be a matter of time before some smart person managed to bypass the requirement to use an AT&T SIM to make and receive calls and thereby open the device up to European users. And so it has panned out.

So, just over a month since its release, you can now save yourself the hassle of an ‘oh-so-convenient’ two-year contract with AT&T; all you need is a writeable SIM card and, obviously, a SIM card writer – obtainable for around $96.

The originally named Hackingt0sh (yes, alas, that is a zero) forum is the source of the unlocking tutorial, which has been tested on the Orange UK network, as well as several others around Europe. Even better, unlike some previous hacks, you can run this one on Windows. The method involves ripping data from both the AT&T SIM supplied with the iPhone and the SIM from the network you wish to connect to, before writing your own SIM containing data from both the other two. The new card then tells both the iPhone and network that it is the necessary SIM for each respectively.

Smart stuff we’re sure you’ll agree, although with a new 8GB iPhone costing around £400 on eBay, it isn’t exactly a cheap process. So, on balance, full marks for cool, but none for value.

Hackingt0sh forum post