Full HD Sony Bravias With 10-Bit Panels Revealed

Gorgeous to look at, promise equally stunning pictures.

To dispute that Sony makes some cracking TVs would be like calling the Wii a massive failure. As the main proponents of Blu-ray, it makes sense for the company to offer a good range of high-end, high definition sets designed to show off the format at its very best. The latest three TVs to join the Bravia X series, then, should do just that.

Spotted over at Akihabara News the 40in, 42in and 50in sets are to be available worldwide. Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 panels are in all and, as with their predecessors, Bravia Engine Pro is onboard to ensure the best possible image quality, while x.v.Colour aims to increase the accuracy, quality and range of colours available.

As should be mandatory (in my opinion at least) in any top of the range TV these days, the new Bravias will all have 10-bit panels allowing you to get the full benefit of Deep Colour Blu-ray or HD DVD discs once available. Some nifty processing is also said to be on hand to try and add greater depth to normal footage.

Connectivity looks fantastic with three S-Video, twin component inputs and, the real kicker, three HDMI ports, so that’s a PS3, Xbox 360 Elite and an HD DVD player all sorted without the hassle of external switches.

No exact pricing information is available now, but will probably push into the “if you have to ask, you can’t afford” bracket. Oh, I forgot to mention, the sets also look drop dead gorgeous and I really, really want one – what more can I say?

Sony Japan Bravia Page (With some English and a hilarious video).

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