Fujitsu Siemens Scraps PDA Division

Latest victim of the smartphone.

We’ve always found FS’ ‘Loox’ PDAs to be reasonably nice creatures, but who buys PDAs in 2007…?

Sadly for FS this is something it has had to admit too and in an official announcement today it confessed: “The traditional Handheld segment (PDA) (had been shrinking) for years. More and more players are leaving this field (and) these products are replaced more and more by either specific devices such as GPS Navigation devices or by smart phones.”

Certainly however the company isn’t mourning the passing of this evapourating category and plans to invest more time in its laptop business, pushing its chest out to declare: “There are many exciting new technologies waiting to be explored further and integrated into our growing portfolio of business and consumer notebooks… We see huge potential in this area with innovations like Solid State Disk, Backlit technology, energy saving, enhanced connectivity”.

So expect SSDs, LED backlights, HSDPA connectivity, WUSB and wireless n in FS’s next round of notebooks… thanks for the tip-off guys. No pressure!

Fujitsu Siemens UK

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