Fujitsu Makes Super Slim Waterproof Mobile Phone

Ideal during water sports...?

Don’t want to pooch your stylish new wetsuit with a bulky mobile phone (and electrocute yourself at the same time)… Fujitsu has something for you.

Filling a previously unknown demand for slim and waterproof handsets is the company’s new ‘F703i’ which Fuji says can be submerged in water up to a metre deep for 30 minutes without the slightest complaint (and, no, I don’t known what happens after 31 minutes),

On top of this lifeguard friendly feature the F703i is also rather portable measuring just 17.9mm thick whilst also sporting a fairly expansive 2.2in QVGA screen, 1.3MP camera and organic OLED exterior display. Perhaps most importantly though is a ‘Relax Mode’ which can be set to display 15 patterns of illuminations coupled with soft music when the handset sits idle – something anyone who needs to go swimming with their mobile clearly should have.

There are no pricing or availability details yet for the F703i (scuba) phone but expect to see a queue around the block of car washers, firemen, sewer workers and prostitutes (step too far?) when it eventually debuts.

Fujitsu F703i Product Page

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