Fujifilm X70 provides a cheaper X100T alternative

Fujifilm has launched a new compact member of its X-series, the Fujifilm X70.

The Fujifilm X100 series has become a firm favourite among travel and street photographers, with its elegant retro-rangefinder design and sharp combination of a fast fixed lens and an APS-C sensor.

Now Fujifilm has announced an even more compact and affordable version of that basic set-up in the Fujifilm X70.

The new camera lacks the hybrid viewfinder of the excellent Fujifilm X100T, and its lens is a slower and wider f/2.8 28mm equivalent.

But crucially, it comes packing the same APS-C sized X-Trans CMOS II image sensor and the same EXR Processor II image processing engine.

You also get a similar level of hand-on manual control (plus an auto switch), as well as the bonus of a 180-degree flippable touchscreen display. Yep, unlike the X100T, the X70 is ready for selfies.

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The feature strip-back makes the X70 the lightest X-series camera yet at 340g. You can add a little bulk and restore the X100T’s viewfinder via a hot shoe, should you wish, but it will probably cost you.

Speaking of money, perhaps the most exciting news here is that the Fujifilm X70 will cost just £600 when it launches in February. While the X100T has dropped in price of late, the X70 is still a good £200 less than its big brother.