Fujifilm Focuses On Fairer Sex

...with a digital camera clearly designed for either.

In a slightly strange press release Fujifilm has today announced the latest addition to its FinePix Z range.


Pitched at “gadget loving girls”, the FinePix Z3 is “ultra chic” (looks nice), is “small enough to fit into the tiniest of handbags” (90 x 55 x 20mm, 130g excluding the battery) and will have “particular appeal to female digital camera owners who have felt that performance is frequently sacrificed for the sake of style”.

What this translates to my gadget loving girls is a 5.1 megapixel model with 3x optical zoom lens, 14 shooting modes, ISO levels up to 1600, anti-blur technology and an ingeniously simple dual shot mode which when activated takes two pictures – one with flash and one without – so the (apparently female) user can decide which does most justice to their new eye shadow.


Video mode is a predictable 640 x 480 and runs at 30fps which (if we’re going to invoke stereotypes…) means the film of you dancing round your white handbags should come out just dandy, though the 10MB of internal memory is a little stingy meaning you’ll have to skimp on your Bobby Brown lipstick this month to afford a decent SD memory card.

Pricing has yet to be confirmed but it is likely to cost as much as those Manolos you’ve been meaning to take back (£250-300). Still you’ll be able to hold onto them a little while longer since Fujifilm has yet to announce an official release date.

Finally, if by now you’re wondering why the company appears so determined to push this at a female market then wonder no more: it’s also available in light pink… ”ahhhhhhhhhhhhh”.


Those Manolos are going back in September. Deal with it.

Fujifilm UK

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