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Free Game: Slime Rancher is free on the Epic Game Store until March 21

PC gamers rejoice, Epic Game Store’s latest free game is the gloriously oddball Slime Rancher.

Slime Rancher is a first-person farm ’em up where you stomp around an alien planet breeding and raising the titular Slimes, gelatinous balls of goop that are equal parts cute and gross.

You also do farm stuff like growing crops to feed your slimes, grow facilities and all the stuff you might expect in a farming game, in addition to exploring the pastel-shaded wilderness around your farm.

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In Jade King’s Slime Rancher review, Jade said: “Befriending slimes and populating your growing farm with them is engaging at first, and remains so for several hours. Soon after, though, the cracks begin to show.

If you’re satisfied with a lack of depth that can’t possibly extend into a worthwhile conclusion, Slime Rancher is worth investing in, because what’s here is infectiously enjoyable for a time.”

So it’s adorable and fun, but won’t hold your attention for long? Sounds like a perfect shout for a free game. This game is free. Have at it.

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If you’ve already played Fortnite on the PC you’ll already have a log-in, and if you’ve still got Fortnite installed, the store was patched into Epic’s own launcher. Just go to Epic Games launcher, click the big tile that says Slime Rancher, and add the game to your account for free. If you’ve been following these free games deals with

The game is the latest that Epic Game Store is giving away, as it’s been doing every two week since the store exploded onto the scene to rival Steam. I’ve written about every game because I want you to get free games and be happy, but I have somewhat run out of whatever the prose version of small talk is when it comes to describing the games store.

Go get the free game, play the free game. In two weeks you’ll have to pay for it again, but you’ll be able to get Oxenfree instead.

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