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Fove is the first VR headset that lets you focus

A new virtual reality headset has just launched on Kickstarter, touting a unique feature – focusing.

Dubbed ‘Fove’, the headset offers eye-tracking i.e. the software knows where you’re looking at any given time, and comes courtesy of Microsoft Ventures.

With this information, the Fove headset can let you focus on a given object, something not possible with other VR headsets on the market today.

That’s a big problem with rival devices, as the inability to focus can hamper immersion in a VR environment.

Inside the Fove are two small infrared eye-tracking systems with a projected accuracy of less than 0.2 degrees.

Our eye-tracking technology is able to read very subtle eye movements and translate these into user-intention and emotion,” explained Yuka Kojima, Fove’s CEO and co-founder.

“By adding this extra recognition, we can not only control the objects in VR, but also bring real human connection into virtual reality.”

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The team behind Fove describes the device as leading the ‘third generation’ of virtual reality.

Examples of new features for players include gazing to control guns, staring to pull up dashboards, and emotionally interacting with characters to attract their attention.

“With Fove, we have been able to combine a cutting edge display with eye-tracking, orientation sensing, and head position tracking to create one seamless experience, benefitting a wide audience,” explained Lochlainn Wilson, CTO and co-founder of Fove.

The headset uses a 2560 x 1440 pixel VR display, which is actually a higher resolution than the rival HTC Vive.

However, the Fove uses an LCD display with a 60hz frequency, which is less impressive than the 90hz OLED panel on the Vive.

The headset itself weighs 400g, operates with a 100+ degree field of view, and has USB 3.0, Display, and 3.5mm ports.

The Fove is currently available to buy on Kickstarter at an early bird price of $349 – that’s around £225.