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Forza 7 will be one of the largest games ever on Xbox One X

Forza Motorsport 7 is set to take up a whopping 100GB on Xbox One X, Turn 10 Studios has announced.
The upcoming racing title is one of the few experiences set to run at a native 4K resolution on Microsoft’s new console.
Running at 60fps, the latest entry in the beloved series is bound to look gorgeous while pushing the franchise forward in some exciting new ways.
It’ll take up a ludicrous amount of hard drive space, though. Xbox One X owners will need 100GB of free memory if they hope to take advantage of full 4K textures.
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Xbox One and Xbox One S owners won’t have to worry about this massive download. Turn 10 Studios (via Stevivor) has confirmed that base systems will only install 1080p textures.
Hopefully this isn’t an indication of how large the average game will be on Xbox One X, especially those that plan to utilise full 4K textures and resolution.
Reviews Editor Alastair Stevenson had a chance to play Forza Motorsport 7 at E3 2017. Here’s what he thought:
“Forza 7 doesn’t reinvent the wheel and feels more like a graphical upgrade than a revolutionary step forward for the series. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The jump to 4K and 60fps on the Xbox One X made the car’s handling feel more reactive, even to a newbie like me, and there is no denying Forza 7 is one of the most beautiful racing games around.”
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