Fortnite Guide: What are the Best Guns in Battle Royale?

What are the best weapons in Fortnite, and which should you let slide off the side of a cliff? Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or only recently got into Battle Royale, here at Trusted Reviews we’ve compiled a list of all the guns currently in the game, and which ones are worth your time.

Before we begin, we’ve got a few things to point out. Every gun can be used to kill anyone. Even the lesser used guns pack enough firepower to drop a team of murder-hungry Wicks. So even though there are certain guns you won’t necessarily need, it’s still worth taking the time to try them out. Furthermore, when we label something “Avoid,” that’s only if there are other guns available. If someone’s running at you with a shotgun and there’s only a pistol knocking about, don’t ignore it just because we said so. Any gun is better than no gun.

Also, we’ve broken down each gun by colour rather than rarity, you know, seeing as you’ll see the colour of the weapon first. Below is a key for what each colour translates to just in case you’re curious.

  • Common – Grey
  • Uncommon – Green
  • Rare – Blue
  • Epic – Purple
  • Legendary – Gold

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Assault Rifles

Good at medium to long-range.

Although technically not a long-range weapon, assault rifles work well enough over long distances to get your picks on enemies. Just be careful of their low accuracy the further you are away from someone. And no matter what, short controlled bursts pay out more often than spray and pray.

Our Pick: Suppressed AR

Name Rarity DPS Damage Rating
Assault Rifle Grey 165 30 Pick Up
Assault Rifle Green 170.6 31 Pick Up
Assault Rifle Blue 181.5 33 Essential
Burst AR Grey 109.7 27 Avoid
Burst AR Green 117.9 29 Pick Up
Burst AR Blue 121.9 30 Pick Up
Burst AR (FAMAS) Purple 130.1 32 Pick Up
Burst AR (FAMAS) Gold 134.1 33 Essential
Assault Rifle (SCAR) Purple 192.5 35 Essential
Assault Rifle (SCAR) Gold 198 36 Essential
Scoped AR Blue 80.5 23 Pick Up
Scoped AR Purple 84 24 Pick Up
Thermal Scoped AR Purple 64.8 36 Pick Up
Thermal Scoped AR Gold 66.6 37 Essential
Suppressed AR Purple 176 32 Essential
Suppressed AR Gold 181.5 33 Essential
LMG Blue 200 25 Pick Up
LMG Purple 208 26 Pick Up
Minigun Purple 216 18 Pick Up
Minigun Gold 228 19 Pick Up


Excellent at close-range.

Shotguns are the best way to quickly kill someone. That is, if they work. A headshot at close range should kill anyone in one or two shots. The problem? The damage varies depending on distance and the angle you fire at, resulting in shots you think should kill, but actually don’t land where you intended. The best tactic at the moment is one shot from a shotgun, then switch to an SMG to finish off. Or, failing that, the double barrel does insane damage if you get right up in people’s faces.

Our Pick: Double Barrel

Name Rarity DPS Damage Rating
Tactical Shotgun Grey 100.5 67 Pick Up
Tactical Shotgun Green 105 70 Pick Up
Tactical Shotgun Blue 111 74 Pick Up
Pump Shotgun Green 56 80 Pick Up
Pump Shotgun Blue 59.5 85 Pick Up
Heavy Shotgun Purple 74 74 Essential
Heavy Shotgun Gold 77 77 Essential
Double Barrel Shotgun Purple 271.3 147 Essential
Double Barrel Shotgun Gold 285 150 Essential

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Sniper Rifles

Excellent at Long-range.

Sniping doesn’t have to be difficult. It all comes down to just picking the right one for your playstyle. If you’re great at sniping, go bolt-action. If you sometimes miss, go semi-auto. If you’re more of a gunner, go with the hunting rifle. Just treat it like a single-shot assault rifle and you’ll be pulling off headshots every time.

Our Pick: Heavy Sniper

Name Rarity DPS Damage Rating
Hunting Rifle Green 68.8 86 Essential
Hunting Rifle Blue 72 90 Pick Up
Bolt-Action Sniper Blue 34.7 105 Pick Up
Bolt-Action Sniper Purple 36.3 110 Pick Up
Semi-Auto Sniper Green 90 75 Pick Up
Semi-Auto Sniper Blue 93.6 78 Pick Up
Heavy Sniper Purple 49.5 150 Pick Up
Heavy Sniper Rifle Gold 51.8 157 Pick Up

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Sub Machine Guns

Excellent at mid to close-range.

SMGs currently have the highest damage potential in the game. The P90 is capable of out-damaging shotgun players at close range, making it arguably the strongest weapon out there. While they’re useless at long-range, at mid to close there’s no stopping them.

Our Pick: P90

Name Rarity DPS Damage Rating
Compact SMG (P90) Purple 200 20 Essential
Compact SMG (P90) Gold 210 21 Essential
SMG Grey 204 17 Pick Up
SMG Green 216 18 Pick Up
SMG Blue 228 19 Pick Up
Suppressed SMG Green 207 23 Pick Up
Suppressed SMG Blue 216 24 Pick Up


Good at mid to close-range.

Pistols are often overlooked when it comes to weapon picks. If you’re accurate, and have a fast trigger finger, the standard pistol and suppressed can be beasts. Likewise, the hand cannon can act as a portable sniper if you can land hits. The dual pistols also recently received a buff, so if there’s no shotguns or SMGs about, they’re worth checking out. Pistols are also handy for finishing off a downed player in a flash.

Our Pick: Dual Pistols

Name Rarity DPS Damage Rating
Pistol Grey 155.2 23 Pick Up
Pistol Green 162.5 24 Avoid
Dual Pistols Blue 162.36 41 Pick Up
Dual Pistols Purple 170.5 43 Pick Up
Suppressed Pistol Blue 175.5 26 Pick Up
Suppressed Pistol Purple 189 28 Pick Up
Hand Cannon Purple 60 75 Pick Up
Hand Cannon Gold 62.4 78 Essential


Excellent at Destroying Bases

Explosive weapons pack a punch but are easy to avoid. The rocket launcher and guided launcher both work as tools of death, but trying to hit someone with a grenade launcher isn’t easy, so keep that one purely for base-bombing.

Our Pick: Rocket Launcher

Name Rarity DPS Damage Rating
Grenade Launcher Blue 100 100 Pick Up
Grenade Launcher Gold 110 110 Pick Up
Rocket Launcher Purple 87 116 Essential
Rocket Launcher Gold 90.7 121 Essential
Guided Missile Purple 55.5 74 Pick Up
Guided Missile Gold 57.7 77 Pick Up

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