Former Criterion devs are making a new Burnout

There’s a new Burnout on its way, from the former heads of Criterion nonetheless.

A spiritual successor to one of gaming’s well-missed series, Burnout, is on its way. And we couldn’t be more excited.

Three Fields Entertainment, founded last year by former Criterion bosses Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry, has teased a brand new Burnout game.

The studio took to Twitter to tease fans with its upcoming games.

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There have actually been five entries in the Burnout series, although the most recent – Burnout Paradise – deviated from the norm with its open-world scenario.

However, according to the Three Fields Entertainment tweets, it looks like the developers are going more for a game similar to the earlier entries.

Criterion itself said it wasn’t planning to make a new Burnout game, stating that it has “moved on to newer, even better things”.