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Forget the Flip, Fold and Duo – Vivo has a phone that changes colour on demand

Changes are afoot in the smartphone world as manufacturers seek to hook users on the next big innovation, following years of relative homogeny in the post-iPhone era.

We’re seeing foldable phones with flexible displays, dual screen handsets, the return of the flip phone and even the pending launch of an LG phone with screens that swivel into a T-shape. All in the name of getting customers excited to dip into their wallets once again. However, before you drop 2k on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, you should check out this chameleonic phone from Vivo, which can change colour on demand.

As spotted by Android Authority, the Chinese company has developed a phone using an electromagnetic glass that be summoned to change colour in tune with the grip of the side of the display. The glass backplate notes changes in the electric current in order to switch out the hues at the user’s request.

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A hands on video shows the colour changing from a deep blue to a silver more common in modern smartphone design, when the grip is released. The video in question covers the rear camera array within, suggesting that too may be something the firm is working on but isn’t quite ready to showcase quite yet.

In the past we’ve seen iridescent phones that can appear to shift colour when manoeuvred, such as Huawei’s P-Series handsets, so it’s pretty cool to see something that actually changes colour. No word yet on whether Vivo plans on actually bringing the tech to a production handset, but given the company’s recent record on innovation we’d consider it pretty likely. Hopefully we’ll hear more about this one in the near future, perhaps as soon as CES in January 2021.

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