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Forget 5G, Samsung begins 6G research

Remember when 5G launched late last week? We’ve got one of the 5G phones in the office right now, even. We’ll probably be putting it in Tech of the Week, even.

But forget about it for now, because 5G is old hat. It’s all about the 6G now. Or at least, that’s how it looks when you see that Samsung are already spinning up research on the next next-gen mobile network.

It makes sense for Samsung. They’re currently a minor player in the world of telecoms engineering and equipment, but they’re hoping to make big strides forward in the era of 5G. If the company can get the jump on 6G, they could be duking it out with big names like Nokia, Ericsson and the embattled Huawei in providing 6G equipment.

Whenever it is that we actually get our first glimpse of 6G architecture, that is.

For now, research is centered in the Korean capital of Seoul, where the Samsung-backed Advanced Communications Research Center will try to puzzle out 6G, because at the moment it’s all up for grabs. What is 6G, when is 6G and why is 6G are all problems Samsung’s braintrust will have to work out.

Some theoretical numbers that are being punted out have suggested that 6G could deliver speeds of up to 1Tbps, which is a staggering speed, but it’s important to remember that there was six years, give or take, between 4G and 5G. If you’re hoping to put an upgrade off until 6G hits then you might be waiting a while.