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Ford’s next supercar is built with Gorilla Glass – just like your phone

Ford has teamed up with the world’s leading mobile glass supplier to help build its next supercar.

The new Ford GT will feature a Corning-made Gorilla Glass hybrid windshield, pegged as 30% lighter than normal glass.

Corning is, of course, best known for supplying display glass for many leading smartphones – including the iPhone 6S, the Samsung Galaxy S6, and the LG G4.

The glass in the Ford GT is a little different however, designed specifically to be lightweight and robust for vehicle-grade applications.

“Gorilla Glass hybrid is a great example of how Ford works with suppliers to innovate in every area of our business,” says Ford VP Hau Thai-Tang.

He continues: “Ford GT is setting new standards for innovation through performance and light-weigh, and we’re excited about exploring other applications for this great new technology.”

Corning is supplying Ford with materials for the windshield, engine cover and bulkhead glass.

Ford says these improvements “positively impact acceleration, fuel economy and braking performance”.

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“During development, we tried different glass variations before we found a combination that provided both weight savings and the durability needed for exterior automotive glass,” says Paul Linden, Ford’s body exteriors engineers.

“We learned, somewhat counter-intuitively, that the strengthened interior layer of the windshield is key to the success of the hybrid window,” Linden adds.

Corning says that the glass, which is 25% to 50% thinner than traditional window laminate, was tested using projectiles, rollover trials and wind tunnels.

Note: The original title of this article was: “Ford’s next supercar is built with Gorilla Glass – just like your iPhone”. However, it should be noted that while iPhones are built using glass bought from Corning, Apple says it doesn’t use “Gorilla Glass” branded screens. The title has been amended to reflect this.