For Honor: A 4/5 game that’s on sale for just £14.99

If you’re looking for a fighting game like no other, consider this For Honor deal for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

You can now pick up For Honor on both PS4 and Xbox for a bargain price of £14.99, which is well below the game’s £54 recommended retail price.

It’s also not bad considering that the game only launched in February this year, and is still on sale everywhere else for at least £21.99, and typically much higher. For instance, Tesco is still flogging it for £44, which means you’re saving nearly £30 with this Argos discount.

For Honor is a quirky hack-and-slash fighting game developed by Ubisoft, allowing players to adopt the role of historical fighters like knights, vikings, and samurai, all battling it out on a medieval setting.

Each of these three factions has four individual classes, which can be utilised in various multiplayer game-modes, including four-vs-four Dominion, two-vs-two Brawl, and one-vs-one Duel.

There’s also a campaign mode that’s useful for honing your skills before taking on real-world players in the matchmaking system.

We gave For Honor an impressive 4/5 score, praising the game’s in-depth combat system, strong visuals, and thrilling online play. Here’s our verdict:

“For Honor is a real surprise. In terms of gameplay mechanics, it’s top-notch; visually it’s excellent; and there’s a decent if fairly formulaic campaign to play through. It’s in For Honor’s multifaceted multiplayer however, where Ubisoft has struck gold. Testing your combat knowledge against real players, either in one-on-one duels or in large conquest-style battles, is both thrilling and unique in the action genre.”

It continues: “Fighting-game fans looking for something new to become fanatical about will find enough depth here to foster a new obsession, while players who usually stick to thrill-a-minute action will appreciate the extreme tension of battle and rewarding gameplay mechanics. Ubisoft should have another online-focused hit on its hands.”

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