Football Manager 2019: news, rumours and wishlist

Hardcore footy fans love nothing more than to dig into the detailed analytics and strategy of Football Manager. The yearly franchise is subject to improvements every year thanks to developer Sports Interactive taking into account player complaints and crafting a management experience tuned to perfection. With any luck, 2019’s instalment will be no different.

Trusted Reviews has compiled everything we know about Football Manager 2019 including all the latest news, release date info, rumours and our very own wishlist of potential features.

Football Manager 2019 trailer

Officially announcing the game with a new logo, release date and this trailer, we’ve included this teaser for the game below.

Football Manager 2019 release date when is it coming out?

Football Manager 2019 will come out on November 2nd, 2018. Hopefully we’ll continue to get the two week early access beta ahead of launch, for those who pre-order the game. At the moment, those who pre-order are being offered a 10% discount on Steam.

In terms of platforms, we can expect it on Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux. The Touch edition will also be coming to mobile devices and, hopefully, Nintendo Switch.

No more Football Manager Cover Man

It’s true, Football Manager cover man has been given an early bath. The unnamed but expressive man on the cover of each Football Manager title was so popular he even showed up in kart racer Sonic All Stars Racing.

With the new cover, Football Manager sports a new logo, and the absence of its most beloved mascot. Fare the well, Football Manager Cover Man.

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Football Manager 2019 wishlist what we’d love to see

Make the ‘Dynamics’ feature actually mean something

The biggest feature for FM 2018 was ‘Dynamics’. This was supposed to add another element to the FM formula, giving you greater control over how your team was gelling together and who got on with who. You could see who the dominant personalities were, and who felt left out of team bonding.

It was a nice idea in theory, but it made absolutely no difference in the game. Having played multiple seasons with multiple players who weren’t part of friendship group within the team, it seemed to have zero effect on how these individuals played or how happy they were within the squad.

If the feature is going to stick around it needs to be overhauled to give managers a reason to bother looking at the Dynamics sections.

Improve, or remove, the ‘social media’ feed

Introduced in FM 2017, the ‘social media’ was an obvious way to jump on the Twitter bandwagon that was making a big impression on football. Yet, it was handed badly then and barely saw an upgrade in FM 2018.

It’s still a bland screen that’s recycles the same inane posts every single time you win, lose or make a transfer. There’s none of the spontaneity you’d normally find on Twitter, nor the vehement abuse (probably for the best) and it lacks any personality.

This would be a genuinely good addition if it was more varied, with input about signings and tactics that wasn’t the same each time. Maybe having fans suggest signings and players they’d like to see at the club.

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Less focus on improving the 3D engine

For us, the 3D match engine is the worst thing about Football Manager. Give us those 2D dots over some half-baked, pixelated players any day. But the problem is that Sports Interactive seems intent on improving the engine every year and using it as one of the marquee features. The trouble is it remains rubbish, with the yearly improvements only making it more obvious how bad it looks.

We can assume that this view isn’t going away, but we would like to see less of a big deal made about it each year with the resources spent elsewhere.

Make the iPad version actually playable

Judging by the average 2/5 rating it currently holds on both the iOS App Store and Google Play, FM Touch 2018 isn’t particularly going down well with players. After playing the portable title, it’s not hard to see why it’s had such scorn. It’s buggy, unreliable and just not a very fun experience. This would be fine if it was cheap, but at £20 it feels like a should be a much more rounded game.

The idea of a fully-featured Football Manager game that you can play on anywhere is exciting, but when it crashes constantly before you start a match it soons ruins the experience.

What would you like to see from Football Manager 2019? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter @trustedreviews.

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