Flash Promised for Palm Pre

Could this handset get any more delectable?

It’s hard for me to get any more excited than I already am about the Palm Pre following our thrilling hour together (it’s how I phrase em) but this just made the tingling even stronger…

Doing the wholly sensible thing (as it seems increasingly inclined towards these days) Palm has announced it has become a member of the Open Screen Project a “broad industry initiative dedicated to enabling standalone applications and full web browsing across televisions, desktops and mobile devices taking advantage of ”Adobe Flash Platform” capabilities.”

Yep, let’s cut it short: the Pre’s getting Flash support!

“We’re excited that our customers will benefit from the creativity and broad range of Flash content and applications created by the millions of designers and developers using Adobe’s popular tools and technologies,” said Palm VP Pam Deziel.

“As an industry innovator Palm will be an important contributor to the Open Screen Project,” said Adobe Product Marketing VP Michele Turner. “We’re aiming to bring a rich, Flash technology-enabled browsing experience to Palm’s impressive web browser.”

So let’s refresh what I’m increasingly inclined to call the ‘iPhone Ass Kick List’ once more: multitasking, copy and paste, MMS, turn by turn Google Maps directions, Bluetooth 2.1 EDR with A2DP, native multiple calendar support, drag and drop media content, free OTA syncing, tethering, an open source platform, a removable battery ”’and”’ Flash support.

I hope it doesn’t get sued into oblivion

”PS” In case I haven’t spelt it out, the exciting Web OS at the heart of the Pre, unlike mobile OS X will actually be ported to every handset Palm makes from now on in every form factor and every price range. Oh yeah!

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