Fix Your Handset Headphone Problems

EverythingUSB comes up with the adaptor we've all been waiting for...

If there is one grievance we have in the TrustedReviews office, one which knocks the gloss off a number of our favourite handsets, it is that so many of them choose to fit proprietary headphone connectors therefore forcing us to a) write off our high-end headphones, or, as is more likely the case, b) write off the handsets themselves for listening to music.

All of which means USBFever is our newfound hero…

The specialist peripherals retailer has come up with adaptors for two of the biggest offenders: the mini USB slot and, well, everything made by Sony Ericsson. As you can see from both the thumbnail and picture above, the adaptors are simple short cables with a male mini USB/SE connector on one side and a female 3.5mm jack on the other. Easy peasy.

Even better, both adaptors promise no loss of audio quality and with a total length of just 13cm, they offer a better alternative to the ridiculously long 3.5mm adaptors that Sony Ericsson occasionally bundles with its handsets that leave you pocketing metres of cord.

Finally, with a shipping price of just $8.99 (around £4.50) and international shipping meaning you get a straight dollar conversion for once – there is nothing not to love about these superb little adaptors.

So coming on the back of the super useful USB Universal External Portable Rechargeable Battery I have to say I’m feeling the love for USBFever. Sony Ericsson, HTC and others you just got off the hook…

”’Update:”’ The range just got a whole lot wider with USBFever now stocking Samsung, Nokia and Motorola 3.5mm adaptors too. Full details here.


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