The five-camera LG V40 will arrive on October 3

LG will unveil the V40 ThinQ flagship on October 3, it has announced to the media. In doing so, LG pretty much confirmed what’ll undoubtedly be the phone’s most talked about feature.

With the ‘Take 5’ tagline, LG is almost certainly referring to the rumoured five-camera array on the V40 – that is expected to include three sensors on the rear and a dual selfie-cam.

Unless the company’s thunder is stolen – perhaps by the Nokia 9 – in the next couple of weeks, it looks like the LG v40 ThinQ will be the world’s first phone with a quintet of cameras.

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However, the configuration of these lenses is still unclear. Back in June, reports claimed at least one of the front-facing cameras will be equipped with Face Unlock-style tech, enabling users to access their device simply by looking at the phone.

Image credit: The Verge

The three cameras on the rear of the device would match the Huawei P20 Pro and would reportedly include a wide lens and LG’s signature ultra-wide lens, the report says. The purpose of the third sensor remains unclear. However, other phone makers have included zoom lenses and monochrome sensors recently. Others have been designed to accentuate depth-of-field effects such as bokeh portraits.

However, whether adding more cameras will contribute to a progression in quality remains to be seen. While the dual camera on the LG G7 ThinQ offered some improvements, the AI features left a lot to be desired.

Elsewhere, the phone is expected to arrive with a notch that can be nullified in the settings if you don’t wish your status bar to be interrupted by a cut-out display. We don’t know whether LG will use LCD or OLED technology for the display, but back in May the company said OLED was being saved for the “more innovative” V-Series phones.

We’d hoped to see the V40 at the IFA tech show in Berlin last month, but it was nowhere to be seen. Now it’ll arrive post-iPhone XS launch, and a few days before the Google Pixel 3 launch on October 9.

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