Fitbit Blaze ‘fitness super-watch’ available to buy

Fitbit’s latest fitness tracker, the smartwatch-like Fitbit Blaze, is now available to buy.

The prominent fitness wearable company announced its unorthodox new device back at CES 2016 in early January, and received a somewhat negative reaction. In fact, the Blaze’s unveiling prompted Fitbit shares to take a dive.

Now the Fitbit Blaze is available to buy, and we’ll all be able to judge if that reaction was justified or not.

The £159.99 Fitbit Blaze is the company’s first watch, with a full-colour touchscreen LCD and a design that begs for it to be worn all day rather than simply for your workout routine.

It’s modular, so you can snap out the middle and attach it to a range of alternative bands. You can also receive call, text, and calendar notifications on it, as well as control your smartphone’s music playback.

This isn’t a smartwatch, though. Those notifications won’t be open to third party apps. The Blaze is still resolutely a fitness tracker, with and always-on PurePulse heart rate monitor, and the ability to track steps, calories, floors climbed and the like. It’ll also track your sleep.

All of this data syncs back to the ever-impressive Fitbit app for iOS or Android. You’ll also get a five-day battery life (another thing that tells you this watch isn’t particularly smart).

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We had plenty of our own misgivings about the Fitbit Blaze following our hands-on with the device, but we’re looking forward to giving it a proper going over now that it’s available to buy.

At present the Fitbit website says that the Blaze is on back-order, with new orders expected to be delivered in two to three weeks.


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