First PMP With DAB Surfaces

Courtesy of an unlikely source.

It is perhaps surprising that DAB functionality hasn’t made it into players sooner, but now that wrong has been righted…

The ‘iAudio D2’ from Cowon is the somewhat unlikely source of this breakthrough innovation, but it comes backed up with a nice 2.5in touch screen display, support for MP3, WMV, WAV, OGG, FLAC, AVI, JPG and TXT file formats and an incredible battery life that provides 52 hours playback for audio and 10 hours for video.

At 78 x 54 x 16mm and weighing 91g, the D2 isn’t the daintiest player on the market by any stretch of the imagination but it is Mac, Linux and PC compatible, sports a TV out jack and an MMC/SD expansion slot to augment its 4GB of onboard memory. As for the DAB radio itself this is Band III (174-240MHz).

The D2 goes on sale this month for just £169.99 and if you have any particular aversion to the big brand manufacturers it looks likely to provide an extremely creditable alternative…

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