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First Pebble Time smartwatches shipping May 27

Pebble has announced that the first batch of Pebble Time smartwatches will be heading to customers on May 27.

A fresh update on the Pebble Time’s Kickstarter page reveals that the startup company’s second generation watch will officially start shipping on May 27.

The company brought production online at the beginning of May, meaning that all Pebble Time Rewards will be manufactured by the end of the month.

Not everyone that backed the project will get their Pebble Time on that date, but Pebble estimates that that all of its backers with a Pebble Time reward will at least get their tracking numbers by mid-June.

Pebble has also offered an update on the status of the Pebble Time app, which will be distinct from the current Pebble apps on iOS and Android.

“The new mobile apps, dubbed Pebble Time Watch, will let you set up and manage Pebble Time when it arrives,” says Pebble. “It’s also where you’ll find the Pebble appstore to get new color and Timeline-ready apps or browse for watchapps you already know and love.”

Pebble has done away with the old eight app limit of the previous watch.

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Besides a slimmer, more robust design, the biggest new feature of the Pebble Time will be its colour E Ink display. Despite this, the smartwatch should still boast 5-7 day battery life – the same as the original Pebble.

There’ll also be limited voice support for adding voice memos and quick responses to text messages.