First Images Of Ice Cream Sandwich Leaked

The first images of Google’s attempt to combine its smartphone

(Gingerbread) and tablet (Honeycomb) operating systems into a single OS, namely

Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), have been leaked.

Two websites, RootzWiki and Android Police, have been given a few screen shots of ICS running on a Nexus S

phone and have also been given some more details on what we can expect from the

next update from Google.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Among the new features in ICS is an updated app launcher and

app drawer allowing you to switch between apps and widgets easily. There is

also the presence of the colour blue throughout Ice cream Sandwich. You can also see a revamped notification bar at the top of the

screen. In the bottom right of the homescreen, there is an icon for what could be a

task switcher, with stacked icons.

While these changes don’t seem to be too ground breaking,

other changes which aren’t pictured have also been revealed to the two websites

by their sources. The Gmail app has been totally re-themed to match the new OS; the camera will have a panorama mode and the changes made are mostly to the UI,

meaning many older phones will be able to run the new OS.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Speaking of hardware, we are likely to see ICS first on the

Nexus Prime, the follow up to the Nexus S, which will also get the update soon

after launch. The Nexus Prime is rumoured to be released in October or


Google has yet to decide on what the version number for ICS

will be (Android 4.0 probably) and is keeping it a closely guarded season.

So there it is, Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Is it enough of

a revamp for you, or do you think it is just a small evolution of Gingerbread

and Honeycomb which won’t bring much in the way of new features? Let us know in

the comments.

Source: RootzWiki and Android Police