First HSPDA Mobile Launched

And the honour goes to Samsung.

If you’re in Korea (”darn”, that’s most of the readers gone) then sport a big grin and start hopping around (preferably away from any of your nuclear facilities) because you lucky guys n gals can now go out and buy the world’s first HSPDA enabled mobile phone.


The SCH-W200 above (you’re meant to be looking at the ”phones”) is a slider format handset which can transmit audio and video data at speeds of up a massive 1.8Mbps and ushers in a brave new world of high quality multimedia streaming.

Razor sharp video phone calls and lightening music and movie transfers are now available to Joe-san public (is that Japanese only?). Furthermore, Samsung boasts that the W200 is the first mobile to be equipped with a ‘Dual Band Dual Mode’ (DBDM) chip which supports 2G, 3G and 3.5G services. TV viewing via Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (S-DMB) is also a go.


After all this the rest of the phone features seem rather forgettable but for the record there’s a 2MP camera, 2.1in 240 x 320 262k colour screen, support for Mpeg4, H.263 and, impressively, H.264 video formats as well as MP3, AAC and AAC+. Dual speakers, a TV-out port, document viewer and expandable memory using microSD complete the package while the 99 x 48 x 22.8mm dimensions and 115g weight aren’t going to split any seams.

If you’re in Korea (which probably means you got to the end of this, but started at the bottom right hand corner and got confused trying to read it vertically) I repeat you can scuttle off and buy one of these little technology bars of magic right now. As for the rest of us, please resume crying, stamping your feet and screaming “It’s not fair!”

Samsung Korea

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