First Flash Drive PCs Launched

32GB solid state hard drives find their way into a laptop and UMPC, but at a price...

Absolutely true to its ambitious word back in September, Samsung has announced its first portable PCs with solid state hard drives.


Two existing models will make the leap with the ultraportable Q30 (first reviewed last year) and UMPC format Q1 both receiving 32GB flash HDDs. Specs resemble those we have already seen in these models with the Q30 possessing a modest Celeron M 753 processor, 512MB RAM, a 12.1in WXGA display and integrated graphics. Surprisingly the weight (1.1Kg) and dimensions (287.7 x 197.5 x 23.8mm) remain the same despite the fact flash memory drives are meant to be lighter and more compact.

As for the Q1, a lot is familiar here too with a Celeron M 353 at its heart, 512MB RAM, a 7in WVGA screen, integrated graphics and dimensions scarily close to the Q30 at 227.5 x 139.5 x 24.5mm and a 751g weight.


That said, the real question in all of this will be how the introduction of a solid state hard drive effects overall system performance and battery life. We don’t mind getting the same hardware if we’re likely to see similar seismic advances to those Intel ranted and raved about in October.

Of course pricing is going to be the real issue here with the Q1 expected to retail in the US for $2,430 (more than 4x Gatesy’s UMPC dream) and roughly twice the price of the moving parts version. As for the laptop, we don’t know the costs yet and I don’t want to know, because I live in a world where the sun shines everyday, strangers smile at one another as they pass on the street, a Democrat is in the Whitehouse, Jessica Alba is on my arm and bees make us honey while we sit canoodling in the park.

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