First Dedicated iPhone Speaker Dock Appears

First of 100s no doubt.

It had to happen, didn’t it…

Today (remarkably) marks the launch of the world’s first dedicated iPhone speaker dock and this (dubious?) honour goes to peripherals specialist Logic3.

The typically literal named ‘i-Station Traveller for iPhone’ is a snazzy looking system which can house the already iconic handset either horizontally or vertically and can slide shut to measure a travel friendly 170mm across.

Logic3 is making a big song and dance about the dock’s sound too with 35mm neodymium drivers and a room – if not party friendly – output of 4 watts. It also claims the dock has specific technology to minimise TDMA noise (that sound emitted from mobile phones and heard through speakers, think ”de-der-de-de-der”) something no other Apple dock has had to plan for.

Helpfully, the i-Station Traveller is also compatible with all iPods and any gadget with a 3.5mm jack – which is basically everything from MP3 players to even PSPs. A 3.5mm to 2.5mm stereo converter is even supplied so devices with that incredibly annoying fitting can also join in the fun.

Available imminently, the i-Station Traveller for iPhone will retail for the stunning low price of just £29.99 and comes with a velvet-finish case so you can lug it around. Top stuff.

Now let the floodgates open…

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