First Commercial LTE (Super 3G) Site Unveiled

Blast off for 3G's successor...

This is where the fun starts…

Long Term Evolution (LTE), Super 3G, 4G – whatever you want to call it – represents the glittering future for mobile data and the world’s first commercial deployment has just been announced.

Perhaps unsurprisingly it is network kings Sweden which grab gold here with a service by Erisson and Teliasonera that is expected to bring mobile broadband to customers at up to ”160Mbit” – and that’s just initially. Real world tests have already surpassed 250Mbit with a theoretical peak of 326Mbit – take that fixed line!

Available to Stockholm residents from 2010, it promotes the likes of mobile video blogging, web TV, streaming HD, online gaming and cloud computing. “The unveiling of this site shows that LTE is no longer the story of the future; it is the story of today,” said Ericsson VP Ulf Ewaldsson.

“Being at the forefront of broadband evolution means our customers will be the first to benefit from this groundbreaking technology,” said TeliaSonera Senior VP Erik Hallberg. “This first LTE site is a key step towards further enhancing Sweden’s fastest mobile broadband network.”

LTE is also predicted to make a huge impact on fixed line broadband services (read: negatively) and while initial pricing is expected to be high (read: very high) putting such break neck speeds into the air can only be good for everyone (read: not BT). So come on Britain, go for the silver…

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