First Android Wear Custom ROM Released – Gohma 1.0 for LG G Watch

The first custom ROM for an Android Wear smart watch has already been released, in the form of Gohma 1.0 for the LG G Watch.

The umbilical cords on the first Android Wear smart watches have barely been cut, but custom mods for their software are already being released.

First to arrive is Gohma 1.0 for the LG G Watch, the device being used by Google as a showcase for its new Wear watch OS.

Gohma 1.0 was released over at the Rootwiki site, and it’s available as a free download, although the maker welcomes PayPal tips should you feel generous.

We’ve not yet tried the software – we’re still busily working on our own LG G Watch review – but Gohma 1.0 promises significant improvements over the stock LG/Google software.

Claims of “Improved battery life”, “improved overall performance”, “reduced lag” and increased vibration power show that there was a lot left to tweak in the LG G Watch’s initial release software.

Gohma’s maker also promises “other surprises!” in the software. Fingers crossed that won’t include a bit of code that’ll nick your banking details.

Unless you already know what you’re doing, we recommend steering clear of custom ROMs like Gohma 1.0 for now. The process can brick your watch, and as using it voids your warranty, it’s a potentially dangerous game to start playing.

If you do get it installed, though, let us know your impressions in the comments.

The LG Watch is the first among a whole wave of Android Wear watches we’ll see over the next year.

Perhaps the most anticipated among tech fans, though, is the Moto 360.

It features a round OLED display, giving it a look that’s closer to a normal watch than most smart watches of the past. However, it has been slightly delayed, with a possible launch rumoured for August.

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