First AMD Bulldozer CPUs Shipping

AMD has finally shipped the first batch of its x86

processors based on the Bulldozer architecture, but don’t get too excited yet as they’re destined for servers and

workstations, with desktop and laptop versions still under wraps.

Last August AMD unveiled the details of its CPU designs, including the

Bulldozer architecture, that adds the ability to process two threads

simultaneously, somewhat akin to Intel’s Hyper-Threading technology.

Long seen as a viable rival for Intel’s Sandy Bridge

silicon, AMD has been fairly slow to get the processors to OEMs and only today

has announced the first shipment of Bulldozer processors.

As we said the initial shipment is aimed at servers and

workstations and is codenamed Interlagos. The 16-core models are

enterprise-level chips designed for scalability.

AMD Bulldozer

Speaking at the launch of the first Bulldozer chips, Rick

Bergman, senior vice president and general manager of AMD’s Products Group,

said: “This first Bulldozer core represents the beginning of unprecedented performance

scaling for x86 CPUs. The Bulldozer architecture will give web and datacentre

customers the scalability they need to handle emerging cloud and virtualisation


The delay in getting the consumer-level Bulldozer processors

to market is a pity, as it could have heralded a very competitive market place

with Intel’s Sandy

Bridge and, we assume, a win for consumers.

No official date for the shipment of the 8-core desktop

Bulldozer-based CPUs – codenamed Zambezi – has

been announced but it is expected to ship in Q4. Any later and it may well be

too late to make any significant impact on the market.