First 1TB Optical Discs Announced

Please no, not another format war...?!

It looks like the humble optical disc has just gotten a new lease of life.

Israeli company Mempile has today announced it has successfully created a system to make ”1TB” optical discs – aptly named ‘TeraDiscs’ – using an old school red (read: CD/DVD) laser and believes the capacity could be boosted to an incredible 5TB with an eventual transition to a blue (read: Blu-ray/HD DVD) laser.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the system TeraDiscs use to reach such startling storage capacities completely ignores current approaches and instead uses chromophores (light sensitive molecules) to create hologram-esque matrices – thus opening up far greater areas for data. Yup, we knew that crazy holographic storage stuff had to be in there somewhere…

Perhaps just as interestingly, Mempile is targeting the consumer for this technology, though it says a fully working prototype is still 18 months away and a retail version 12 months beyond that. That said, with media prices aiming to start from just £15 per disc on release (and likely to drop sharply) it could prove that optical media isn’t quite ready for the scrap heap.

Bring on HD DVD II and Blu-ray 2… err, or not.


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