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Firefox Send promises to deliver 2.5GB files freely, safely and securely

Mozilla has publicly launched its Firefox Send service, which enables users to exchange large files with the added benefit of encryption.

By signing up for a free account, it’ll be immediately possible to send files up to 2.5GB in total size. Other folks can send multiple files of up to 1GB.

Once the file is uploaded, users will be given a link to share with whomever they wish. It’s possible to limit the availability of the file to a number of downloads, and a number of days before it expires and is deleted.

It’s also possible to protect the file with a password, which is added prior to upload. Those receiving the link will be able to download the link to their own devices. They don’t need a Firefox account either.

The service arrives as an alternative to dedicated services like WeTransfer, as well as established cloud storage lockers like Google Drive and Dropbox. The option might be appealing for those who want to send a file, but have no need to collaborate on, or edit the file in question.

Mozilla say’s there’ll be a beta version of an Android app coming later this week.

In a blog post announcing the launch, the foundation says its service is “private by design” and is part of its mission to “handle your data privately and securely.”

It writes: “Send uses end-to-end encryption to keep your data secure from the moment you share to the moment your file is opened. It also offers security controls that you can set. You can choose when your file link expires, the number of downloads, and whether to add an optional password for an extra layer of security.”

Later the firm goes on to say: “We know there are several cloud sharing solutions out there, but as a continuation of our mission to bring you more private and safer choices, you can trust that your information is safe with Send.”

Firefox Send has been in beta since 2017, so it’s good to see this hit prime time.

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