Firefox 2.0 Alpha Lands February

But my extensions aren't even compatible with 1.5 yet...!

Mozilla has become rather good at putting the wind up Microsoft and its antiquated IE browser. That said, to do this is the technological equivalent of a teenager beating up an arthritic old lady, though that hasn’t stopped Mozilla from putting on a pair of knuckledusters.


Fresh off the back of Firefox 1.5 (no, many of my favourite extensions still don’t work in it either) is news that the Alpha version of 2.0 will be released early next month.

“Cor Blimey Guv,” you may be saying to yourself right now (should you be Dick Van Dyke trying to blend seamlessly into the London street life), “I ‘Aven’t Got Used T’va Last One Yet, Dis’ Is A Bit Quick, Init?” Well, um… yeah.

If it makes you feel any better Mozilla hasn’t released any details of what version 2.0 may include at this stage, but tempering that will be the info that the company has already started initial coding on Firefox 3.0. At this rate it’ll be past version 7.0 before Microsoft is.

Keep your eyes peeled on the Mozilla site for details as it begins to spill the beans on its latest IE6 butt-kicking browser over the next few weeks. Or just relax, have a nap, open a beer and let us do it all for you instead. Yeah, thought you might choose the latter…


Mozilla has gone on to say that a Intel based Mac compatible version of Firefox version 1.5 will arrive in March. But what about a Mac compatible version of Windows XP, I wonder? 😉