Finally! Sonos adds direct Spotify support for multi-room speakers

One of the most common complaints levelled against Sonos speakers is that you can’t play music directly from Spotify. Well, that’s all changed.

Every Sonos user can now play music on their speakers using the Spotify app for the first time ever. Previously, the only way to play music through a Sonos speaker was by using the dedicated Sonos controller app. But Sonos has now joined the Spotify Connect program, allowing users to control their Sonos speakers with the standard Spotify app. The lack of Spotify Connect support has been a major source of frustration for Sonos users in the past, so this is seriously good news for audiophiles everywhere.

The feature was actually announced way back in August, and even rolled out to Sonos beta users last month – so it’s had thorough testing. With Spotify, you’ll be able to select songs to play, and manage your Spotify playlists directly in the app too. But you’ll also be able to select which of your Sonos speakers you’d like to play music through.

The good news is that room-grouping is supported in Spotify’s ‘Devices’ menu, so you’ll still be able to separate your Taco Tuesday playlist in the kitchen from the romantic beats you’ve got going in the bedroom. Oh, and your friends will be able to play music on your speakers using the Spotify app too, as long as they’re connected to Wi-Fi.

To get the new feature, you’ll need to update to the latest versions of Sonos and Spotify respectively.

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