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Final Fantasy 15 shipped 5 million copies on its first day of release

Final Fantasy 15 managed to ship a grand total of 5 million copies worldwide in the past 24 hours, Square Enix has announced.

This number covers both physical and digital sales across PS4 and Xbox One, but keep in mind they only account for units shipped to retailers, not sold to customers.

Square Enix reported the figures on its official website, which is yet to be translated from the original Japanese.

Luckily, Twitter user Nibellion was on hand to detail the figures for us.


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Earlier this year, it was reported by Kotaku that Final Fantasy 15 would need to sell 10 million copies to be considered a success.

That would make it the highest selling title in franchise history, with the exception of fan favourite Final Fantasy VII, first released way back in 1997.

Time will tell whether Final Fantasy 15 will reach such lofty figures, but it’s certainly off to a good start.

We’ve yet to throw a score on the new release, so check out our review in progress for now.

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