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Final Fantasy 15 Prompto DLC is coming next week

Final Fantasy 15: Episode Prompto is coming to PS4 and Xbox One on June 27, Square Enix has announced.

The upcoming piece of downloadable content focuses on Prompto as we delve into his backstory before the events of the main game.

Set in a cold, arctic setting, players will have access to a range of weaponry and different firearms.
These range from assault rifles from rocket launchers to grenades. Prompto is also sporting a fabulous new coat that looks unbelievably warm.
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Launching back in November 2016, Final Fantasy 15 has received a range of substantial updates and DLC since its release.
Square Enix has done an excellent job improving the game after a somewhat underwhelming release. Here’s a snippet from our review:
“For all its flaws – the dodgy camera, the lack of dungeon save points, the magic system, the bitty, oddly-structured plot – Final Fantasy 15 is the best single-player Final Fantasy in a decade. The new combat system is more action-oriented, but still surprisingly tactical, while the new focus on open-world exploration brings the game and its world to life.”

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