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FIFA 14 will not launch for PC

FIFA 14 won’t be available for PC at launch due to the new EA Sports Ignite engine’s incompatibility with the platform’s architecture.

EA Sports has confirmed that its next-generation titles including FIFA 14 won’t be able to run on PCs, instead only being released on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

The developer has already announced several next-gen titles including Madden NFL 25, NBA Live 14, EA Sports UFC and FIFA 14, but none of these will be coming to the PC next year.

FIFA is the only series still released on the PC, but it seems that FIFA 13 is the last in the franchise to be offered on the platform.

EA previously said that the majority of user PC’s weren’t capable of running its latest engine, especially when FIFA 11 was released in 2010.

“Even though there were some PCs on the marketplace that could run that engine, the lion’s share of PCs on the marketplace could not”, said Andrew Wilson, Executive Vice President of EA Sports. “And the majority of the gamer base that was playing the game on PC did not have a PC spec that would work with that.”

Releasing the games on console makes much more sense as they are not spec dependent. As long as gamers have either of the next-generation consoles they will be able to play the game.

EA Sports’ new EA Sports Ignite engine has been specially designed to work with the specific architecture of the Xbox One and PS4, in particular “how the CPU, GPU and RAM work together in concert in that type of environment.”

FIFA 14 could come to PC in the future, but the Ignite engine would have to undergo some modifications to become customised for PC platforms.

“So could I see the potential for EA Sports Ignite to make it to PC in the future? Yes, I think it’s possible, but a couple of things need to happen,” explained Wilson. “There needs to be some adjustment in terms of how EA Sport Ignite works to facilitate the open nature of PC architecture, rather than the closed nature of console architecture.”

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