Facebook’s new survey will make you laugh − for all the wrong reasons

Facebook, it appears, is doing a spot of soul-searching. The under-fire social media firm has started asking some users to complete a multi-page survey that asks a surprisingly broad range of questions − some of which are darkly entertaining − about the site.

Its main purpose seems to be working out what people’s perceptions of Facebook are right now. However, it goes much deeper than that too, going as far as asking if several of the site’s major features are actually useful.

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“Thank you for participating in our research study about your experience on Facebook. This survey will take about 8 minutes to complete,” the first page of the survey reads.

“Please remember there are no right or wrong answers − it’s your opinion and experience that counts. All your answers will be analyzed only in combination with those of other participants and are completely confidential. Your feedback is greatly valued and will help us to improve Facebook for you.”

The first part of the survey presents a multitude of multiple choice questions, but my personal favourite is on page five. “How trustworthy is Facebook overall?” Hmmm. Fake news, the Cambridge Analytica scandal, highly questionable ad targeting methods, and Mark Zuckerberg’s vanishing Facebook messages and posts spring to mind.

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Other notable questions include:

  • How much, if at all, does Facebook help you feel closer to others?
  • Thinking about other social media and messaging websites and apps you use, how valuable is Facebook to you relative to the others?

The second part asks you to react to a series of statements. “For each statement, please indicate how strongly you agree or disagree with this statement about Facebook, i.e., how well it describes your experience,” the survey explains.

Once more, there’s plenty here to make you smirk − for all the wrong reasons.

  • Facebook is a source of inspiration
  • Facebook is a good way to pass time
  • Facebook helps me relax
  • Facebook gives me a place to express myself
  • Facebook allows me to present myself in the way I want

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It isn’t clear who this particular survey is being presented to and why, but the move indicates that Facebook is desperate to clean up its image. It’s got its work cut out.

So… how trustworthy is Facebook overall? Let us know on Twitter @TrustedReviews.