This could be Facebook Messenger’s most obnoxious feature yet

Barf bags at the ready, everyone, because Facebook Messenger is getting a little too into the spirit of Valentine’s Day with some really corny new features. When we say corny, we don’t just mean ‘Ross & Rachel’ corny, we mean you’ll probably struggle to digest them. 

From this day forth, if you make it “FB official” (meaning publicly declaring you’re in a relationship with someone), you’ll see a new Messenger conversation window open up.

That’ll deliver some new decorative options, a new loved-up custom emoji and the chance to give your new partner a pet name.

That person you probably spend more time chatting with than anyone on earth, will also be the first name on the Active tab in case you want to do a little more.

We’ll leave it to Facebook to yuck it up from here:

  • It’s raining hearts! A heart shower will fall across your screen.
  • Spread the love: Your custom emoji (in the lower right hand corner) will be 😍, so expressing your love will be fast and easy.
  • Get personal: You’ll be prompted to personalize your chat and set your own custom text color, emoji, and nickname in case you want to switch things up even more.
  • Chatting with bae: Your loved one will be the first person to appear on the Active tab, so you can easily see when they’re available to chat.

Anything else you want to add Facebook? A year’s supply of free condoms in the post? Alerts whenever your current boo comments on an ex’s post? A running public commentary on the inevitable fight whenever old photos surface in On This Day?

It can’t just be us who thinks this feature is a little third-wheelish, right? What’s next? Mark Zuckerberg pulling up a chair at the dinner table when you’re about to propose?

The company is also adding some new features to the Messenger Camera portion of the app. There’s falling Love Hearts, Queen of Hearts effects, etc., which are also available in Messenger video chats. If you’re into that kind of thing.

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